International Normal Aging and Plasticity Imaging Center


Msc. Sarah Hirsiger

Sarah Hirsinger


University of Zurich
International Normal Aging and Plasticity Imaging Center/ INAPIC
Andreasstrasse 15
8050 Zürich


Office: AND 4.84
Phone: +41 44 634 52 46
Fax: +41 44 634 53 88

Central Research Interests

  • Neuronal plasticity in healthy ageing

Journal Articles

Madhyastha, T., Mérillat, S., Hirsiger, S., Bezzola, L., Liem, F., Grabowski, T & Jäncke, L. Longitudinal reliability of tract-based spatial statistics in diffusion tensor imaging. Hum Brain Mapp. doi:10.1002/hbm.22493

Meyer, M., Liem, F., Hirsiger, S., Jäncke, L. & Hänggi, J. (2013) Cortical surface and cortical thickness demonstrate differential structural asymmetry in auditory-related areas of the human cortex. Cereb Cortex. doi:10.1093/cercor/bht094.

Hirsiger, S., Pickett, K. & Konczak, J. (2012). The integration of size and weight cues for perception and action: evidence for a weight-size illusion. Exp Brain Res, 223, 137-147.

Konczak, J., Pierscianek, D., Hirsiger, S., Bultmann, U., Schoch, B., Gizewski, E. R., Timmann, D., Maschke, M., Frings, M. (2010). Recovery of upper limb function after cerebellar stroke: lesion symptom mapping and arm kinematics. Stroke, 41, 2191-2200.


Hirsiger, S. (2010). Differential Effect of Haptic Cues for Perception and Action: A Size-Weight and Weight-Size Illusion Study. Published master’s thesis, University of Minnesota, USA.


since 08/2011 Fellow of the International Max Planck Research School „The Life Course: Evolutionary and Ontogenetic Dynamics“ (LIFE)
2010 MSc. in Human Movement Science, ETH Zurich, (Title of Master Thesis: Differential effect of haptic cues for perception and action: A size-weight and weight-size illusion study)
2005- 2010 Undergraduate and graduate studies in Human Movement Sciences, ETH Zurich

Professional Positions

Since 10/2010 Doctoral student, International Normal Aging and Plasticity Imaging Center, University of Zurich, Switzerland (PhD supervisor: Prof. Dr. Lutz Jäncke, Dr. Susan Mérillat)
08/2009- 05/2010 Research assistant, Human Sensorimotor Control Laboratory, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA
02/2009- 05/2009 Intern, Department of Psychology, Neuropsychology (Prof. Dr. Lutz Jäncke), University of Zurich, Switzerland